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Transform Your Design Business Into a Success Machine

Do you ever feel like there are so many facets to success in business you don’t even know what to focus on first? How do you get more projects in? How do you systemize project processes? How do you make more money but not work harder? How do you become more compelling to potential clients?

No one goes into business for themselves to work really hard and not generate results! Life is too short to waste time on efforts that don’t pay off… big.

If you feel like there’s room for income growth in your interior design biz, or room for attracting better clients and raised fees, the A-List Interior Design Summit is for you.

This is a free, LIVE, virtual event – join from the privacy of your home office in your comfy clothes. Stay for both days or just a few sessions – whatever works for you. And because it’s LIVE, you’ll be able to ask questions of each expert, including me. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies you can start using immediately.

We'll Explore:

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Featured Speakers

Nancy Ganzekaufer

Pricing & Sales Confidence Made EASY

Rachel Moriarty

From Invisible To Unforgettable: Using Visibility Marketing To Achieve Iconic Status

Linda Holt

How To Get Magazine Worthy Photos
Using Your Smartphone

Desi Creswell

Mastering The Balancing Act To Thrive: Navigating Business Growth With Work-Life Balance As Your Compass 

Kate Bendewald

3 Commitments You Need To Make For Building A Profitable Interior Design Business

Rebecca West

The Real Secret To Self-Confidence, AKA: Tired Of Faking It?

Ken Lewis
Marketing Strategy To Attract
Your Ideal Clients
Jennifer Smiga

Setting Yourself Up For Success
With Brand Partners

Nicole Heymer

Designing Desirability: How To Strategically Leverage Brand Personality In Interior Design Marketing

Chris Ramey

Attract High-End Clients With Luxury Properties – Leveraging The Luxury Business Model To Work For You

Your Host - Katie Gutierrez

Katie Gutierrez built her 15 year old interior design firm on her philosophy that interior design works best when it is a reflection of her client's biography. She believes it is what makes them who they are and gives them their “special spark.” By designing spaces to be a reflection of her client’s “special spark,” their spaces become a vehicle of their self-expression cultivating an authentic feeling of belonging.

When someone feels that they are authentically self-expressed in their space it becomes the root of their confidence. Confidence affects all aspects of life.

Similarly, Katie has built her coaching program on the same foundation. When coaching other interior designers towards income success, she believes a business should be a vehicle of the designer’s self expression. A business that represents your “special spark” is a business that has greater fuel for income potential. The only gateway to limitless income is through your own authenticity.

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